May 11

Available Domain Gig

Since it is something I enjoy and have done for a good 12 to 13 years off and on, offering an Available Domain Name Gig on Fiverr.com. For this gig, I will find at least 3 domains with the keyword you are looking for. Since I hate getting 3 word suggestions that look like they were pulled straight from a computer program (think something along the lines of ethingamajigsstore.com), going to search myself with mainly just a Whois site to see if my choices are available or not.

Finding domain names can be a fun and even profitable experience especially when coupled with experience. Mining for available .coms can lead to quite large profits if you find the right ones at the right time. For example, I was able to handreg both FreeMMORPG and FreeMMORPGs.com before that gaming niche really took off. The singular sold for over $1,000 many years ago. However, could have made many times that if I held on to for a while longer:).


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